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Friday, 3 July 2020

A tributes to Ivor Dennis

Sunil Shantha established a profound connection in youthful Ivor's psyche. Ivor revered Sunil Shantha and to meet him eye to eye alone was sufficient for him, take off alone working with the legend. However, that is the thing that life had coming up for Pasquel Ge Wear Augustine Ivor Dennis. Music was his life – and would remain so for over six decades.

One fine day in 1952, music maestro Sunil Shantha was tuning in to Radio Ceylon (as the SLBC was then known) while unwinding at home, when he heard the swoon strains of his mainstream tune "Waren Heen Sare, Redhee Walave". His underlying response was presumably "they are playing my melody once more" however then he listened intently for a few minutes. The voice was his – however not so much his. Shantha understood that another person was singing his tune with equivalent artfulness.

The exceptionally following day, Shantha visited Radio Ceylon and made requests with respect to who the pleasant vocalist was. "Ivor Dennis" – the program official let him know. "Ivor Dennis ? get him down for me" was his answer. That was the start of one of the best community kinships in the nearby music industry. Together and independently, they gave another personality to the Sinhala music industry which pretty much duplicated the North Indian music scene around then with no indigenous sources of info.
Sunil Shantha established a profound connection in youthful Ivor's brain. Ivor worshiped Sunil Shantha and to meet him up close and personal alone was sufficient for him, take off alone working with the legend. However, that is the thing that life had available for Pasquel Ge Wear Augustine Ivor Dennis. Music was his life – and would remain so for over six decades.

In contrast to specific artistes today, Sunil Shantha had no apprehensions about Ivor playing out his tunes. Regardless, there was no business gain for Ivor. Be that as it may, Sunil Shantha didn't need Ivor to turn into a "spread" artiste singing another person's melodies. He encouraged Ivor to cut his own specialty – and he did. Ivor's first own tune was the evergreen hit 'Kurulu Paradiseye' (Flying creature Heaven) set obviously, to the music of Sunil Shantha himself. The verses were written by Thilak Sudharman Silva.

Until this point in time, the tunes he performed decades back including Bambarandu, Amaa Shanthikara, Naththal and Irawata Yana are lastingly mainstream. Ivor had another ability at his disposal – he could make hypnotizing, frequenting music to go with his manifestations and those of others.

Over his lifetime, Ivor manufactured close connections with legends, for example, Amaradeva, Victor Ratnayake, Sanath Nandasiri, Milton Perera and Narada Disasekara. Ivor took part in shows in numerous nations including Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Britain and New Zealand.

Ivor was instructed at Davi Samara, Seeduwa, Maris Stella School, and Loyola School Negombo. Ivor was designated An evaluation artist in 1958, precisely 60 years back, at Radio Ceylon.

He won the Presidential Honor for the best Playback Artist for the film 'Hima Kathara'. He additionally got the Kala Keerthi grant at the National Distinctions 2017 celebration.

Ivor's huge break came in 1955 when the late Lester James Peries was making Rekhawa (The Line of Predetermination) which everlastingly changed the Sinhala film with its absolutely neighborhood storyline and open air photography. Be that as it may, the film has gotten much progressively paramount because of the incorporation of a few appealing tunes which were totally unique and absolutely Sri Lankan. Lester had just a single individual at the top of the priority list for the music – Sunil Shantha. Shantha thusly had just a single individual as a main priority for making everything conceivable – Ivor Dennis.

While Sunil Shantha formed the tunes for all tunes, he was unable to make a trip to India for the accounts, so he designated Ivor to sub for him. Ivor additionally worked intimately with the other playback artistes in the film, since it was an absolutely new encounter for them. The procedure was rehashed for Sandeshaya, Lester's subsequent film. Ivor went to record melodies for some movies.

Ivor could sing any sort of tune – however today, he is better known for his energetic tunes. Indeed, he did a collection of energetic melodies called 'Abhimana Hmm' which was discharged in1984.

As an expert at the Administration School of Music, he advanced people music and worked with the incomparable W D Makuloluwa in 'Depano and Pahanin Pahana'.

Aside from Sunil Shantha, Ivor worked intimately with the matchless Premasiri Khemadasa, particularly, for dramas, including, 'Manasawila' and 'Pirinivan Mangallaya'. Ivor, however a Catholic, discovered euphoria in Ven. Rambukana Sidhdhartha Thera's significantly important, Buddhist-motivated verses in collections, for example, 'Sansare Programming interface and Gammane Programming interface' .

Of course,Ivor sang Catholic reverential melodies alongside Sunil Shantha, whose uncle Fire up. Fr. Moses Perera was a main lyricist of Christian tunes in Sinhala.

He created two Catholic reverential collections 'Primate pavulen oba mahimaya' and 'Obe wethi Rajindo', where all the tunes were made by him. Afterward, he got an OCIC grant for the administrations rendered to Christian Music in Sri Lanka.

Ivor Dennis was a living legend. In spite of the fact that he will everlastingly be related with the maestro Sunil Shantha, Ivor had a one of a kind voice which reverberated with the music-cherishing masses and which will drift over the wireless transmissions in Sri Lanka for hundreds additional years.

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